World Victory Church is a family church that is founded upon the principles of the Word of God. We started with a vision that God had shown Pastor Shawn and Andrea a few years before they held the first meeting. The Vision is Simple: Develop a Safe Haven where people can learn and grow together while serving each other as disciples of Jesus Christ. This is what WVC is all about: No Walls and No Boundaries! Just powerful worship, and un-compromised teaching of the Word. The results: Miracles!

In February of 1996, Pastor Shawn and Andrea and their two boys started World Victory Church in Birmingham, Alabama with seven people. After outgrowing the living room in their house, they rented a meeting room at a local hotel for Sunday services. Within a few months, they rented their first space of 1,250 square feet in a store front. There were two more moves that followed because of growth, and in April of 2007, they purchased 2 buildings with 4 acres in Moody, Alabama. In July of 2013, WVC purchased an additional 16 acres on HWY 411. Our expectation is to build a magnificent sanctuary and family center in the near future.

What makes WVC Different?

Association: WVC is not associated with any denomination, and all are welcome, no matter what denomination, background, ethnicity, etc.

Praise & Worship: The Praise and Worship is led by a full band and singers that are dedicated in their worship before the Lord. Every song is uplifting and inspiring to all who participate. Many people raise their hands, clap, or even cry with the overwhelming joy that God gives them during the songs.

Finances: The finances of the church are founded upon Romans 13:8 (Owe no man anything, but to love one another). WVC is completely debt-free and there is never any pressure on anyone to give. An offering plate is never passed to receive the tithes and offerings. Instead, there is a box by the front entrance for people to freely give according to Malachi 3:10.

Sermons: The teaching comes wholly from God's Word and is simple to understand and activate in your life. Sermon outlines are also available in the "Sermon Archive" section of the website to help you with your personal studies in the Word.

Free: There is never a charge for CD's/DVD's or teaching materials pertaining to the Gospel. All you have to do is ask (Freely you have received, freely you shall give).

Prayer: When God's people pray in agreement with the Word of God, things change. If you are sick, God wants you healed; if you are under financial stress, God wants you blessed, and prayer will turn your circumstances, right now! At WVC, we pray with results (James 5:14-15). Our ministry team is ready to pray the prayer of faith for you and see the desires of your heart manifest in your life.

Experience the Difference: At WVC, we passionately pursue to be the church that Jesus describes in the Bible. For this reason, there are no religious traditions, no exaltation of men, and no compromise. We are here for you! If you have any questions concerning Baptism, Healing, Holy Spirit, etc., please call us at any time, or better yet, come and experience the difference for yourself!